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Medical Synopsis

Are you an attorney or legal professional seeking a concise and informative overview of your client’s medical history? At ScribeMedics, we specialize in providing high-quality medical synopsis service tailored to meet legal professionals’ unique needs. Our expert team of medical writers and professionals will meticulously analyze and summarize the extensive personal injury medical records, saving you valuable time and effort. With our comprehensive medical synopsis, you will understand the case’s merits and make well-informed decisions.

At ScribeMedics, we understand the importance of a comprehensive and well-structured medical synopsis. With our medical synopsis service, you can confidently navigate through the claimant’s medical history, saving time and ensuring a thorough understanding of the case. Trust our experienced team to deliver accurate, organized, insightful medical synopses to support your legal endeavors. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements, and let us simplify your medical record analysis process.

Narrative Summaries

This type of summary tells the story of the medical events in a way that makes sense. To put it briefly, it gives lawyers an overview of the case from above. It organizes the medical history chronologically and highlights the pertinent details based on the patient’s needs. The summary lists and identifies all missing records.

Features of narrative summary:

– The patient’s medical history is analyzed in light of the case at hand, with the most important developments leading up to the present state of the injury being highlighted in narrative form.
– A medical narrative summary is key in a deposition and demand preparation. To get the most out of a deposition, the attorney must provide the deponent with a thorough overview of the events leading up to the deposition. Thus, a medical narrative summary facilitates an efficient deposition before trial.
– An attorney can better understand the case by reading the narrative summary before trial preparation.
– In addition, it can assist him in determining whether a lawsuit is the result of genuine carelessness or coincidental events and in obtaining any pertinent data from the patient before the case’s trial.
– It is told in an approachable narrative style.
– Each client receives a unique summary that has been formatted to their liking.
– It is a money- and time-saver.
– Important medical details have been highlighted for the attorneys to use in their case preparation.
– We will summarize the case and let you know if any important files are missing.

At ScribeMedics, we aim to provide a comprehensive suite of medical synopsis service to support your medical record analysis and legal case preparation. Whether you require additional features like hotlinks, Med-A-Word, or PDF sorting, our experienced team is dedicated to meeting your needs. Partner with us to optimize your workflow and ensure a seamless evaluation of your claimant’s medical history. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

Scope of Synopsis

When you choose ScribeMedics for your medical synopsis needs, our comprehensive services cover a wide scope to ensure a thorough and organized overview of your client’s medical history. Our medical-legal experts goes above and beyond to provide you with a clear and concise medical synopsis service that includes:

Overview of the Claimant’s Medical History

We present a comprehensive overview of the claimant’s medical history, highlighting key events, diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes under medical malpractice cases. Our synopsis provides a sequential and chronological account of their medical journey.

Organized Medical Records

We meticulously organize medical records online to ensure easy navigation. Our team expertly reviews and indexes personal injury medical records, eliminating duplicates or irrelevant documents. This allows for efficient access to specific information when needed by the medical personal injury attorney.

Identification of Missing or Duplicate Records

Our thorough analysis helps identify any missing or duplicate records within the medical documentation. This ensures you have a complete and accurate representation of the medical personal injury claim history.

Time-Line Chronology

We provide a comprehensive timeline chronology of the medical records under our medical synopsis service. This includes presenting the sequence of events clearly and concisely. This helps you understand the progression of medical-legal conditions and treatments over time.

 Pertinent Visit and Key Analysis

Our medical synopsis focuses on pertinent visits and key analysis, providing a detailed understanding of the most significant malpractice medical cases. We highlight essential information, such as diagnoses, treatments, surgeries, and notable outcomes, while helping with legal medical malpractice.

Brief History of Patient Visits

We craft a brief history of the patient’s visits, capturing the essential details of each encounter. This condensed narrative allows quick comprehension and easy reference when reviewing the claimant’s medical records.

Featuring Major Medical Events

Our synopsis highlights major medical cases that significantly impact the case. This includes significant diagnoses, treatments, hospitalizations, surgeries, or other critical medical occurrences relevant to your legal analysis.

Key Fundamentals of Medical Records

We distill the key fundamentals of the medical records, providing you with the essential information necessary to evaluate the case’s merit. Our synopsis focuses on key medical factors that can influence your legal strategies.

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Additional Services

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In addition to our comprehensive medical synopsis services, ScribeMedics offers a range of services to enhance efficiency and streamline workflow.

These services include:

case medical


We can incorporate hotlinks or hyperlinks within the medical synopsis service medical synopsis, allowing you to easily navigate to specific sections or key highlights within the medical records. This feature enables quick access to relevant information, saving time and effort.

cases of medical malpractice


Our Med-A-Word service under the medical synopsis service provides a customized glossary of medical terms used in the synopsis. This glossary helps you understand complex medical terminology better, ensuring clear communication and comprehension of the claimant’s medical history.


We offer bookmarking services where we strategically place bookmarks within the medical records to mark critical sections or significant events. This facilitates quick reference and easy retrieval of important information during case analysis.

medical case number

Events Timeline

In addition to the timeline chronology mentioned earlier, we can create an events timeline focusing on important medical events and milestones. This visual representation helps you grasp the progression of the claimant’s medical conditions and treatments. Our experts know how to get medical records online.

Workers’ Compensation

If your case involves workers’ compensation claims, we have expertise in handling such cases. Our team is well-versed in organizing and summarizing medical records related to workers’ compensation, ensuring you comprehensively understand the claimant’s work-related injuries and treatments.

PDF Sorting & Merging

We offer PDF sorting and merging services, allowing you to consolidate and organize multiple PDF files containing medical records. This ensures that all relevant documents are in one place, making accessing and reviewing the information easier.

Duplicate Record Extraction

Our team is skilled in identifying and extracting duplicate records within medical documentation. We remove any redundant or repetitive files, streamlining the medical records and improving the efficiency of your analysis process.

Missing Records Identification

We understand the importance of having a complete and accurate set of medical records for your legal case. Our missing records identification services help you identify gaps or missing information in the claimant’s medical history, ensuring you have a comprehensive overview of their healthcare journey. Our experienced team utilizes proven methodologies to address this crucial aspect of synopsis medical preparation.

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Types of Medical Record Summaries

Medical records can be summarized in three main ways. There are three types of medical summaries: the comprehensive, the narrative, and the chronological. A complete summary provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of the patient’s medical records, as the name implies. It is wide enough to compile all the information regarding a patient’s diagnosis and current course of treatment. A narrative summary, on the other hand, gives a detailed and sequential synopsis of the patient’s medical history. 

The medical record summary’s primary advantage is its ability to organize a large amount of data into a more manageable format that simplifies data retrieval. This service facilitates timely and hassle-free data access for healthcare stakeholders. Insurance companies, personal injury claim attorneys, medico-legal experts, independent medical evaluators, etc., are the main stakeholders.

Medical Record Summary Solutions We Provide

As a reputable medical record summary support supplier, we have an established recording procedure that adheres to a clear, step-by-step methodology to guarantee precise data capture. Our options for medical record summaries consist of the following:

Reorganizing the Medical Record Summary
In our three-step process for reorganizing medical files, we:

– Data Organization – We organize and transform the hard data into soft data. This is done methodically to guarantee complete and high-quality digitization.

– Chronology – Patient information is usually arranged in a particular order. This allows for more efficient and precise patient data extraction.

–  Review – We review the data that needs to be reviewed and then interpret the information on behalf of the client. This means collecting all the right information. 

Medical Record Indexing

We will index the medical data so that it is easy to find what you are looking for. Medical record indexing includes correctly putting content in the right sections and subsections and linking to the source document. It also has a graphic presentation that is linked to the text.

Patient Billing Summary

In this step of the summary process, the patient’s medical bills are put in the right order. The primary criteria are the billing date and the items being billed for. The total fees charged by each service provider are also displayed graphically for your convenience. At the same time, a graphical representation of patient expenses is provided. 

Separating Treatment Locations

With this particular service, we help our clients categorize their treatments according to where they were received. This provides a geographic summary of patient visits to healthcare providers and insurance companies.  

Merging Providers

If the patient receives care at multiple facilities, we combine the procedures performed at each facility and arrange the results chronologically.

Finding the Right Doctor or Hospital

Records can go missing at times. We provide this service to help our clients identify the exact location and provider from whom they received treatment.

We Use a Medical Record Summary Support Process

When we create summaries for clients, we use flexible formats and templates. Date, time, action, reason, provider name, location, etc., are all included in the template. The following are the steps in our process for summarizing medical records: –

– Medical records from patients are mostly sent to us by mail.
– We perform processing to make sense of the files and put everything in its proper place.
– Before being sent to the medical writing team, the pages will be indexed and put in order. The team looks at the files to find the best template.
– The summary is made and sent to the team that checks for quality. If there are any mistakes, they are pointed out and sent back to the people who wrote the summary to be fixed.


Identifying missing records is crucial for building the claimant’s comprehensive and accurate medical history. Missing records can lead to gaps in the timeline, incomplete information about medical procedures or treatments, and potentially affect the strength of your case. A complete set of records is essential for making informed decisions and presenting a strong argument.
Our team of experienced medical professionals thoroughly analyzes medical records under medical case management. They carefully review the chronology of visits, procedures, tests, and treatments to identify gaps or missing information. They also cross-reference the Medicaid personal injury settlement with other sources and collaborate with healthcare providers to obtain any missing records.
Once we identify missing records, we take proactive steps to obtain them. Our team communicates with healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, and other relevant sources to request the necessary records. We utilize effective communication channels, such as phone calls, emails, and secure online portals, to ensure timely and accurate retrieval of missing records.

Our medical case synopsis team has experience obtaining records from multiple providers and locations. Whether the claimant has received medical care from different healthcare facilities or specialists, we have the expertise to coordinate with various sources and ensure the collection of all relevant records under our medical synopsis service.

The timeframe for identifying and obtaining missing records can vary depending on the case’s complexity and healthcare providers’ responsiveness. However, we strive to expedite the medical synopsis service process and obtain missing records within a reasonable timeframe. Our team remains proactive in following up with providers to minimize any delays.

At ScribeMedics, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of all medical records. We adhere to strict data protection protocols and comply with HIPAA regulations. We utilize secure systems and encryption methods to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the obtained records throughout the process.

Yes, we can provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the identified missing records and details of our efforts to obtain them. This legal, medical record can serve as a valuable reference and assist you in understanding the gaps in the claimant’s medical history.
By identifying missing records, you can ensure that your legal case is built on a solid foundation of accurate and complete medical information. A comprehensive medical history helps you understand the claimant’s condition, assess the impact of injuries or treatments, and strengthen your arguments. It enables you to present a more compelling case and increases your chances of achieving a favorable outcome.