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Online Medical Records Review Services In USA

ScribeMedics has been providing quality, affordable medical record review services for the medico-legal industry across all 50 states in the US. We are teamed with highly qualified individuals who have an in-depth understanding of medical records and the evaluation of medical charts for medico-legal and other purposes. As a seasoned outsourcing firm, we offer competitively priced medical record review services using our skilled staff, time zone difference, and overall quality.

We follow strict guidelines for quality control, keep sensitive information safe, offer flexible delivery options, and keep our prices low. Our turnaround time is flexible to meet your requirements. Whether you need the project finished in a day or ten, we offer a solution for you.

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When you work with ScribeMedics, you can be sure that your client’s medical records will be carefully reviewed to ensure no important details are missed. A chronological record of medical care documents the sequence of healthcare interventions, procedures, medications, and assessments provided to a patient over a specific period, serving as a comprehensive timeline for their medical treatment. Our experts know how to prepare a medical chronology. So you can completely rely on us.
Streamline Your Case Preparation with Our Comprehensive Medical Record Review Service.

Common Personal Injury Cases

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Motor Vehicle Accident

ScribeMedics can help personal injury lawyers by looking at medical records related to car accidents, helping to figure out how bad the injuries are, and backing up the victims’ claims.

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Workplace Accident

When there is an accident at work, ScribeMedics can look at the medical records to find out what injuries were sustained, determine how much negligence was involved, and provide complete documentation for the court. 

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Premises Liability

By examining medical records, ScribeMedics can assist personal injury lawyers in determining how severe injuries were due to hazardous conditions on someone else’s property. This makes the case for premises liability stronger.

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Assault Injury

When dealing with assault injury cases, ScribeMedics can look at medical records to determine how bad the injuries are, record what treatment was given, and help build a strong case against the person who hurt the victim.

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Building Collapse

When a building falls, ScribeMedics can look at the medical collapse records to find out what injuries the victims had, how long their treatment took, and back up the legal compensation claims.

Pedestrian Accident

In the case of a pedestrian accident, ScribeMedics can look at the medical records to find out what kind and how bad the injuries were. This is substantial evidence for the court. We also deal with providing medical billing for motor vehicle accidents.

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Sexual Abuse

ScribeMedics can look at the medical sexual assault records of people who have been abused. This ensures a complete description of injuries, treatments, and psychological effects, which can help the victim get justice. Being professionals, these medical records specialists in USA know how to get medical records online.

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Dog Bite Injury

When a dog bite hurts someone, ScribeMedics can look at the medical records online to determine how bad the injuries are, figure out who is at fault, and provide the necessary paperwork for legal proceedings and compensation claims.

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The right price works for everyone. We will work with you to find fair prices that meet your needs.


Do you need it quickly? Do not worry. Our staff is very good at working with you to meet your needs for turnaround time.


Have specific needs? We offer customized medical record reviews with hyperlinks, analysis, and more.


For years, we have understood the importance of team continuity as a medical record review company.


The reliability of our medical record review services is essential to our success. All files undergo multiple quality assurance and audits.


The best productivity comes from scalable staffing. Our hardworking staff is prepared to handle a larger workload thanks to their extensive cross-training.


With specialty-trained physicians and staff and multi-level QA and audit, we deliver more accurate reviews.


Our company uses advanced technology to manage quality and provide excellent service.


Each client has a project manager who ensures the medical record review process and output meet their needs.

Additional Services

By providing these extra services, ScribeMedics hopes to make it easier for personal injury lawyers to access, find, and organize medical records. These services save time, ensure the information is correct, and make understanding a case’s medical parts easier.

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ScribeMedics can put hotlinks, or links, in the medical records, making it easier to move to different sections on one single page. The medical records specialists in USA allow attorneys to quickly access specific areas or relevant information within the documents, saving time and improving efficiency.

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Med-A-Word is a unique feature that ScribeMedics has to offer. It involves using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology to turn medical records into a format that can be searched and changed. This makes it easy for lawyers to look for words or phrases in the documents and make necessary notes or changes. This falls under the medical records services.


ScribeMedics offers bookmarking services, highlighting key passages or pages in a patient’s medical records for quick access. Bookmarks allow lawyers to quickly access relevant sections of documents during case research and proceedings.

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Events Timeline

Based on the medical records, ScribeMedics can construct a timeline of events. This timeline is helpful for personal injury attorneys because it illustrates the timing of events and medical procedures. It helps determine the injury’s origin and development by giving a complete picture. This service comes under the Medical Solutions Reviews in USA services.

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Workers’ Compensation

ScribeMedics is a specialized service that assists with workers’ compensation claims. Work-related injuries and illnesses are the focus of their analysis of medical records. This ensures that attorneys understand the medical aspects of the workers’ compensation claim.

PDF Sorting & Merging

ScribeMedics can quickly sort and combine multiple PDF files of medical records into a single, well-organized document. This makes it easier for attorneys to review records because they won’t have to look through multiple files. All relevant forms will be easy to find in one place.

Duplicate Record Extraction

ScribeMedics can find and remove duplicate records in a set of medical records. This helps eliminate the same information and ensures that attorneys only focus on new and vital information. This speeds up the review process and makes it more effective under the medical record services.

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Medical record review and analysis services include:

– Medical Record Chronology
– Summary of Significant Medical History Events
– Detection of Treatment Discrepancies
– Examining Health Care Concerns
– Cause and Effect Analysis
– Identifying Protective Factors
– Considering Other Potential Causes
– Recommendation of Medical Experts

Medical Record Review & Analysis

ScribeMedics works with clients to choose the right medical record review document—brief or comprehensive—to support counsel and the litigation strategy. Medical record review documents are tailored to each project and plaintiff type.

Analytics, Triaging & Severity Ratings

High-level relevant clinical data is efficiently abstracted from medical records using technology and trained medical professionals to provide plaintiff overviews and statistical analyses of the plaintiff inventory. General demographics, allegation verification, injury classification, and exposure history are customizable analytics. Data abstraction helps triage plaintiffs, winnow meritless claims, and make budget and strategy decisions early.

Medical Summaries & Chronologies

Our skilled medical specialists use advanced technologies to decipher medical record data and provide insight through customized work products and reports. RNs, RN/JDs, CLNCs, MDs, and Allied Health professionals are experienced. Staff are trained to review records to meet client needs.

– Find potential sources of error and other potential explanations;
– Find forged paperwork;
– Recognize illegible writing and
– Find and document any other medical facilities that might be helpful.


ScribeMedics offers professional online medical records review services to help personal injury lawyers analyze and organize critical medical records for their cases. ScribeMedics offers medical record review services in USA and aims to provide accurate and detailed medical summaries that can be used as evidence during legal proceedings, helping attorneys better understand the medical aspects of the case and strengthen their arguments.

Online medical record review services assist lawyers in determining what happened, assessing the severity of injuries, examining the treatment received, identifying pre-existing conditions, and gathering evidence to support their clients’ claims. By providing comprehensive medical summaries and highlighting key details, online medical record review services can enhance attorneys’ understanding of the medical aspects of a case, helping them make informed decisions, negotiate settlements, and present a compelling argument in court.

ScribeMedics can help with many types of personal injury cases, such as car accidents, accidents at work, claims for “premises liability,” injuries from assaults, building collapses, accidents involving pedestrians, injuries from falls, sexual abuse cases, and dog bites.

ScribeMedics has a team of experienced doctors, nurses, and documentation experts trained to read and understand medical records correctly. The company also has a system for ensuring high quality and tracking what happens.

ScribeMedics can change how we review medical records to meet the needs of each client. Clients can tell ScribeMedics what we need, like specific formats, criteria, or standards, and the company will meet those needs.

ScribeMedics follows the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy and security rules to the letter. The company ensures that patient-sensitive health information is kept private and safe.

ScribeMedics actively offers several other services, such as:

  • Adding hotlinks or hyperlinks to medical records
  • Converting records to Med-A-Word for searchability and editing purposes
  • Marking essential parts of the records
  • Creating event timelines
  • Handling workers’ compensation cases
  • Sorting and merging PDFs
  • Removing duplicate records.
ScribeMedics is flexible and can work with the client’s preferred case management system or software, depending on the client’s wants.

Prices for ScribeMedics‘s services may change based on what you need. We have reasonable prices and can offer different pricing options based on the number of records or the assistance required.

ScribeMedics can meet clients’ requests for fast service based on their needs and deadlines. We strive to meet client timelines and deliver efficient results.