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Dr. Stack & ScribeMedics
Technology-Driven Results

Explore how Dr. Stack and ScribeMedics collaborated to produce groundbreaking healthcare technology results.

Jadell Scribe Case Study

Dr. Stack & ScribeMedics: Technology-Driven Results

The Challenge

Dr. Stack, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in adult orthopedic reconstruction and total joint replacement, faced challenges in timely patient note completion. This resulted in decreased practice efficiency and increased patient wait times. The accumulation of documentation backlog required Dr. Stack to dedicate extensive personal time, including weekends, to catch up.

The ScribeMedics Solution

To deal with these problems, Dr. Stack used ScribeMedics’ real-time virtual scribe services. ScribeMedics’ team, known for being thoughtful and quick to respond, worked closely with Dr. Stack to ensure that the documentation met all of his needs for accuracy, quality, and completeness.

The Outcome

Adding the virtual scribe service of ScribeMedics to Dr. Stack’s work marked a significant turning point. He could devote more time to patient appointments because he was no longer required to complete much paperwork after work. This made the patients happier and gave Dr. Stack a sense of accomplishment. The notes generated closely mirror Dr. Stack’s preferred format as if he had authored them.

The Impact

Thanks to ScribeMedics‘ meticulous attention to detail, Dr. Stack experienced a remarkable improvement in his daily workflow. He can now care for up to five more patients daily, making his practice much more productive. Furthermore, he has regained his time, enabling him to spend weekends with family and friends and do things unrelated to work after regular working hours.