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Scribe User Spotlight
Jadell, reclaimed valuable time.

Discover how Jadell regained valuable time with Scribe’s efficiency. Uncover the transformative journey in this exclusive spotlight on enhanced productivity.
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Scribe User Spotlight: Jadell, reclaimed valuable time.

Jadell Mendez, a certified disability management specialist and the proprietor of MedTeam Care Management in Port St. Lucie, Florida, plays a crucial role as a case manager. His responsibilities include coordinating medical care for injured employees and implementing return-to-work programs. However, the demands of his job often lead to extended working hours and a significant amount of paperwork, impacting his personal and family life.

The Turning Point

Jadell’s commitment to his professional duties often required him to work additional hours after regular workdays and during weekends. This was necessary to maintain the accuracy and up-to-dateness of his notes and medical transcriptions. This intense workload created a noticeable imbalance between his professional and personal life, particularly affecting the quality time he could spend with his daughter. Even attempts to involve his daughter in assisting with the workload proved unsustainable and added to his challenges.

The Turning Point

Upon receiving a referral from an orthopedic hand surgeon, Jadell discovered ScribeMedics. This encounter led him to explore their virtual staffing services as a potential solution to his challenges.

The ScribeMedics Solution

ScribeMedics offered a virtual staffing service that significantly streamlined Jadell’s documentation processes. This service allowed him to concentrate on the core aspects of case management while ensuring the timely and accurate recording of all essential information. Jadell praised ScribeMedics for their flexibility, adaptability, and exceptional service, noting the substantial improvement in his workflow efficiency.

The Outcome

With the help of ScribeMedics, Jadell reclaimed valuable time for his personal life, particularly for his daughter. The need to extend his work hours into the weekends was eliminated, enabling him to provide the necessary support and attention for his daughter’s academic success.


Jadell, pleased with the effectiveness of the best scribe services, confidently recommends them to others in search of a reliable and efficient solution for medical transcription and documentation needs. His experience stands as a testament to the positive impact that ScribeMedics can have on balancing professional responsibilities with personal life.