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If not correctly managed, chronic workplace stress can lead to burnout-related syndrome. As with any other job, doctors find themselves in a position of needing care due to the overwhelming work stress.

Many factors contribute to this increased stress and lack of time to manage it properly. Modern medical care facilities require a lot of documentation, which can take up precious time while leaving little for consultations. Similarly, increased patient expectations, shortages in physicians, and cultures promoting toxic productivity lead to eventual physician burnout.

Let’s look at eight ways to beat physician burnout.

1. Consultation Time

The time required to explain to patients about their health conditions and give medical advice may not always fit into the standard consultation time. Physicians feel they need to quickly cover a lot of ground due to the limited time. However, if the doctor does provide additional time for patients, there is rarely compensation allowed for the same.

Consultation Time

2. Taking Vacations Frequently

A physician’s job is one of the most highly pressured jobs. Without proper management, there can be no time for family, friends or themselves. This can adversely affect them in the long run. Taking short, frequent vacations is a great way to beat the stress that builds up over time. This gives them time to relax and reset. Collaborating with colleagues to cover shifts can be a great way to make this happen.

3. Better Technology

As technology advances, different medical practices are migrating to digital spaces. There is a need for intuitive technology to make the process more manageable rather than complicated. EHRS, or electronic health record systems, are commonly used to assist the doctor in many ways. However, it lacks intuitiveness, ease of navigation and user-friendliness. With better user experience in mind, these technologies can help ease a physician’s load and prevent physician burnout.

4. Different Workplaces

Physicians often work in more than one office. Even if it is yet another visiting room, the commute can give the physicians a break from their routine and help them unwind. It also offers them a choice of a change of scenery.

5. Personal Time

Everyday life can be stressful for a physician. Days can start early and drag on late into the night, while emergencies can pop up anytime. This can quickly lead to an overload of stress. An effective way to ensure that does not happen is to carve a little time every day as personal time. This can be a time to relax. Meditation practices or power naps are effective ways to calm down and bring clarity to your mind.

6. Finding Satisfaction by Focusing on the Patient

Long years of medical practice can turn it mundane and dull. However, it is an excellent exercise to remind yourself why you are here in the first place. Making patient care the number one priority is the physician’s motto to live by. Focusing on the patient and reminding yourself that they chose you helps you stay motivated to provide the care they need.

7. Improved Teamwork and Collaboration

Physicians who try to do it all alone can face severe stress. It can be almost impossible to do it all. Bookkeeping, purchases, scribing, advertising, etc., all take a lot of energy. Hiring additional staff and putting together a team to do all the background activities frees up a lot of time.

8. Mindset Shift

The world of medicine is constantly evolving. There is always a need to keep up with the times. A mindset that seeks out challenges and new technologies can give the physician a rediscovery of the joy of practising medicine. This can be finding a new technique or procedure, applying new technology to your practice, or even trying new methodologies.

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