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Burnout is defined as a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. It is common to feel exhausted after a long day’s work. These might often go away after a shower or a hot beverage. However, there are different types of exhaustion, and burnout is an extreme form of exhaustion from high work stress.

This article looks at the kind of burnout a physician would face. A physician’s job is a high-stress one. It is hectic, and physicians have tightly packed schedules. It is common for physicians to feel extreme exhaustion from work.

Let us look at what physician burnout is and how it can be managed.

What is Physician Burnout

Burnout, according to WHO, is an occupational phenomenon caused by prolonged exposure to unmanaged stress from one’s occupation. It can be from various causes that are internal and external. External causes can be the nature of the job, the position the person occupies, poor workplace culture, etc. Internal reasons can be a person’s emotional disposition, poor work/life balance, etc.

Physicians who face physician burnout may face severe symptoms that could render them unfit to do their duties. They can feel a range of symptoms, but all of them distill down to three core ones: exhaustion, emotional unavailability, and decreased work efficiency. Other symptoms may be depression, mood disorders, or attention deficiency.

How to Beat Physician Burnout

Heavy daily work with no work-life balance can lead to early burnout. One must stay aware of the symptoms, take early precautions, and work on it if you feel burned out. Here are five great tips to beat burnout.

Maintain an active lifestyle

No one knows this better than a physician. But getting lost in the clamour of a busy work life can lead to lagging in having an active life. If your routine does not include physical activities like going to the gym, jogging, meditation, or a sport, this is the best time to do it. Being physically active, doing a sport, or going to the gym can keep your body fit, increase blood circulation, and release feel-good hormones like dopamine.

Healthy Sleep Schedule

While it may seem fashionable to cut down on sleep and work more, it has severe consequences in the long run. Making sleep a priority is essential for everyone, especially a physician. A good night’s sleep can reset your system and begin the next day with more clarity and confidence.

Keep Your Loved Ones Closer

One of the ways to beat burnout is to keep in touch with your loved ones, be it family or friends. It is common for those with burnout to go into isolation, leading to depression.

A hectic lifestyle can take a toll on the relationships you have. You may cut corners to serve your job. In the long run, some even become estranged from their families.

Keep aside time for social engagements with your family or friends. You may also find someone to confide in and vent to, making it easier for you. Having someone who understands your situation makes things easier for you.

Work Locum Tenens

One popular way to manage your workload is to work locum tenens. It is common for physicians to fill in for another or take temporary assignments. This makes it easier for them to work without taking the load that comes with full-time jobs.

Physicians can opt for such setups to stay on the healthy side of workload.

Work On Yourself

Beating burnout also can be done by deliberately making time for oneself. Taking a day off for a spa or pursuing a hobby are all ways to beat it.

One thing that gets lost in the way of work is looking after oneself. It is easy to lose sight of the other passions and hobbies you had, to take care of your emotional and physical needs and even social needs.

We Help Physicians Prevent Burnout

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